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Top Places in Seoul for Your Instagram Feed

Scroll down to see the top places in Seoul for your Instagram Feed.
Korea is a culturally rich country with a history of 5000 years. Seoul is a huge metropolitan city where everything from temples, k-pop, street markets, skyscrapers and technology come together to create a city that never sleeps.
Project Color Tiles is a documentation of places I have already visited and places I would like to visit in the future. Therefore, this list is in no way an exhaustive list of the famous places nor is it in any particular order.
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Here are the top 10 places in Seoul for your instagram.
I have marked each location on the map for your convenience. The number corresponds with the list!


If any of the instagram links are missing or if the location is incorrect, please email [email protected] or contact us through the contact page.


01. Dongdaemun Design Plaza




02. Stylenanda – Pink Hotel



03. Seoul Botanic Park




04. Bongeunsa




05. Starfield Library



06. Olympic Park



07. Bukchon Hanok Village



08. Cafe YND 223-14 (Previously YND 239-20)



09. Common Ground



Common Ground is korea’s first pop store built entirely with shipping containers where you will find stores, restaurants and cafes all in one place.


10. Gyeongbokgung Palace



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